Delivering best in class sites integration for wireless communication industry through quality, professionalism and operational efficiency



Cell Build Company    was founded in 2007, and soon

after, it was recognized by Jordan Mobile Operators as one of the main sub-contractors for its ability to deliver services by showing commitment to client satisfaction and listening to client needs, adapting to client’s organization, offering the right solutions and living up to the confidence placed in it.

Cell Build strength lies in its flexibility and adaptability and its  willingness  to  undertake  short  deadline  projects  in  new  and difficult   environments   and   continues   to   grow   while keeping up-to-date with advances in the technical fields

Cell Build    focuses    in    providing    survey,    engineering
design  &  construction,  I&C  and  testing  for  sites  that  house
high-  technology  equipment  such  as,  GSM,  iDEN,  TETRA, GPRS,    3G,   WIMAX,   VOIP   that   will   enable   the   next generation communication networks.


Cell Build  delivers  quality  services  through  out  the  full site-design / integration / handover process:

Site Survey

Technology   expertise

Accurate reporting

Multiple choices

Quick turnaround

Site Acquisition

Precise process

Negotiating capabilities

Regulation compliance

Site Design

CAD-CAM experts

Electrical engineers

Civil engineers

Telecom engineers

Trained technicians

Quality materials


Safety and regulatory


Install and Commission

Multi-vendor knowledge

State of art installation

Accurate Verification

Trained technicians

Site Testing Acceptance

Accurate monitoring

Process oriented

Detailed reporting

Eye for the detail

Under a thorough program management, that ensures striking the balance between specific requirements and tight schedules,
Cell Build achieves excellent results even for short term roll-outs in difficult environments.

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